• 2020 PhD in Translation, University of Vigo
  • 2015 MA in Translation for International Communication,
    University of Vigo
  • 2014 BA in Translation and Interpreting, University of Vigo

  • Research fellow, School of Humanities, Tallinn University, December 2020- Present
  • Visiting lecturer, University of Vigo, 2021- Present, PhD programme Traducción y Paratraducción
  • Visiting research fellow, School of Humanities, Tallinn University, September 2020- June 2021 
  • Doctoral research fellow, University of Vigo, August 2018-February 2020 
  • Visiting research fellow, School of Modern Languages, Newcastle University, July 2019 
  • Visiting research fellow , Centre for Translation and Interpreting, Queens University Belfast, January – June 2021 
  • Translator/reviser, Light for the World, 2019-2020
  • Translator, Algar Editorial, 2017
  • Translator, Online Ocigrup, Barcelona, 2010-2012

  • Current Issues of the Humanities, PhD Programme Studies of Cultures, Responsible Lecturer
    Tallinn University, 2022-Present
    Coordination of nine workshops (8 teaching hours) aimed at developing research methods, competencies and skills; e.g., Postdoctoral funding and grant proposal writing, Academic publishing, Research ethics, Peer reviewing, Interview-based research, Photography and drawing as research tools, Software and tools for research, Exploring and visualising your data using R and Writing in the humanities.
  • Research Seminar, BA programme English Language and Culture, Lecturer
    Tallinn University, 2022-Present
    Seminars delivered: Method and methodology; Working with the media. Representation and discourse analysis; Working with sources and referencing.
  • Studying at the University: Introduction to the Humanities, BA Programme Liberal Arts in Humanities, Lecturer
    Tallinn University, 2022-Present
    Courses delivered: Intercultural Communication, Referencing and plagiarism
  • Critical skills in the academic environment, PhD programme Traducción y Paratraducción, Visiting lecturer
    University of Vigo, 2021- Present
    Seminars on the development of essential research skills for students in the first years of the doctoral programme.

  • 10/2022–09/2025 ─ Grant for the research project “Translation, migration, and democracy: Managing multilingual access to information in the greater Helsinki area and in Tallinn”. Funded by the Kone Foundation. Project Partner.
    Total: € 376 800
    Estonian project part: € 97 600
  • 04/2022–03/2024 ─ Grant for the project cluster “Work, Wellbeing and Communication in the Globalising and Digitalising World” (WoWeC). Funded by Tallinn University Research Fund. Co-coordinator (School of Humanities).
    Total: € 100 000
  • 12/2020–12/2022 ─ Grant for the research project “Ideology in Translation. Political Discourse on Migration in the Media” (MOBJD674). Funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Financing institution: Estonian Research Council. Principal Investigator.
    Total: € 102 000
  • 10/2021–09/2022 ─ Grant for the research project “Improving communication with migrants for crisis preparedness: lessons learned from COVID-19”. Funded by the Council of the Baltic Sea States. Principal Investigator/Project Leader.
    Total: € 70 308
  • 09/2019–05/2020 – Dora Plus Grant for research stay at Tallinn University.  Funded by European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Estonia.
    Total: € 6850 
  • 01/2019 –05/2019 ─ Mobility Grant for research stay at Queen’s University Belfast. Funded by the University of Vigo.
    Total: € 3000 
  • 2018 – 2019 ─ Several travel grants to support conference travels. Funded by the University of Vigo and the Cultural Literacy in Europe Association.
    Total: € 2365
  • 2018 -2020 ─ Doctoral fellowship for the PhD  project “On the Translation of Verse Form”. Funded by the University of Vigo.
    Total: € 41 000

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