The Translation of Repetition in Shakespeare’s Sonnets (2022)

While formal features constituting the outer form of the poem in Spanish, such as the stress pattern or the rhyme...

Metatranslational discourse in poetry translators’ prefaces (2021)

If we consider paratexts as a place for finding traces of metatranslational discourse, those preceding poetry...

An Overview of the Translations of Shakespeare’s Sonnets into Spanish (2021)

This work provides a compilation of Spanish translations of William Shakespeare's Sonnets published between 1877...

The Translation of Verse Form. A Revision of Holmes’ Model Based on the Spanish Translations of Shakespeare’s Sonnets (2021)

While an essential component of poetry, form has been frequently overlooked in research on poetry translation or ...

The Translator’s Ideology in the Poetic Text. Homoeroticism in Shakespeare’s Sonnets (2020)

This paper tries to contribute to research in the field of poetry translation regarding ideology by studying a very...

Treatment of rhythm and rhyme in Spanish translations of Shakespeare’s Sonnets (2017)

Based on the definitions of verse, rhythm and rhyme and the sonnet’s features in both English and Spanish lyrical poetry...
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