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An Overview of the Translations of Shakespeare’s Sonnets into Spanish (2021)


This work provides a compilation of Spanish translations of William Shakespeare’s Sonnets published between 1877, when the first translation of the work appeared, and 2019. Although the original book, published in 1609, did not enjoy great popularity in its early days (Blakmore Evans, 2006: 2), from the beginning of the 19th century, the Sonnets were a source of speculation regarding biographical questions (Burrow, 2002: 2), which may have led to a greater impact of the work in recent centuries, not only in the English-speaking world, but also in the Spanish-speaking world, as shown by this paper. In addition to the translators of this work into Spanish and the dates and countries of publication, this article indicates some relevant characteristics of each of the translations, such as the form used to translate the sonnets, the presence of prologues and other paratexts, or the bilingual/monolingual nature of the editions.


Sonnets, Shakespeare, bibliography, Spain, Latin America

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